Really Great Brands

Our story

Really Great Brands Ltd. is African at Heart and International in Spirits. We are working with some of the finest international suppliers and renown brand owners in the world. 

Here To Serve

At RGB, we tailor our services for each and every one of our customers. We empower every aspect of your distribution so that you can make a material impact on your bottom line. Steps for selecting distribution and sales force representation include:

  • Identify a niche or competitive edge in relation to the competitors.
  • Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your business. 
  • Examine costs of channels and sales force options. 
  • Determine which distribution options match your overall marketing strategy. 
  • Prioritize your distribution choices.


We choose wines and spirits that express their origins, the talent and commitment of the growers and winemakers, and the inherent quality of the vintage.


Every wine and spirit we stock is tasted, retasted, debated…. this is a company where everyone who works here actually loves wine and spirits, drinks wine with food, and knows at least a little bit about what we’re selling.

RGB statement

To become a well-known and reputable distributor in Ghana for wine and spirits.


We strive to be the preferred partner for alcohol producers who value the three-tier system. Really Great Brands Limited serves as a brand-building and product expert liaison between suppliers and those who sell or serve alcoholic beverages. Customer service, product expertise, and executional excellence are the hallmarks of our enduring success. By closely monitoring evolving market trends, we understand the unique needs of our customers and consumers. Our knowledge of the process and craft of alcoholic beverage production fuels our passion and content for the art of selling lifestyle products. 

Our goal is to build strong and sustainable brands utilizing the best sales team and equipping them with the most advanced tools in our industry – all in a transparent environment. Our portfolio has a renewed dedication to wine & spirits suppliers that have a sense of place, valuing authenticity, craftmanship, and independence.